Best Yacht in Show – 66ft & Over
Winner: Burn Rate ◦ Crew: Evert Theron, Tanya Theron, Karien Koekemoer, Daan De Beer, Louis van Wyk
Runner Up: Lady Sharon Gale ◦ Crew: Keith Cressman, Annette Sharpe, Frans Cornelisse, Zara Browne

Best Yacht in Show – 56ft – 65ft
Winner: Aeolus ◦ Crew: Mayon Hight, Therese Gorsich, Elizabeth Bork
Runner Up: Le Reve ◦ Crew: Dirk DeLo, Sandra Anderson

Best Yacht in Show – Up to 55ft
Winner: Southern Comfort ◦ Crew: Ish Alexander, Julia Malone
Runner Up: Sea Dog ◦ Crew: Keagan Steyn, Olivia Boyd

Best Crew in Show
Winner: Justified Horizons ◦ Crew: Ryan Querry, Dani Querry, Christian Doyle
Runner Up: Aeolus ◦ Crew: Mayon Hight, Therese Gorsich, Elizabeth Bork

Broker of the Year – 2021
Winner: Nick Cirillo, Blue Ocean Charters
Runner Up: Lynne Campbell, Carefree Yacht Charters

Cocktail Mixologist Competition Grey Goose – 2021
Winner: Mixologist: Amy Cann, Let’s Play Too
Runner Up: Mixologist: Zara Browne, Lady Sharon Gale

Cocktail Mixologist Competition Captain Morgan – 2021
Winner: Mixologist: Ish Alexander, Southern Comfort
Runner Up: Mixologist: Ryan Querry, Justified Horizons

Culinary Competition – 2021

1. Tanya Theron, Burn Rate

Main Dish
1. Annette Sharpe, Lady Sharon Gale
2. Dani Querry, Justified Horizons

1. Annette Sharpe, Lady Sharon Gale
2. Therese Gorsich, Aeolis
2. Tanya Theron, Burn Rate

Sponsors of the USVI Charter Yacht show include the USVI Department of Tourism; Yacht Haven Grande; IGY Marinas; Offshore Marine; the Gowrie Group; Catamaran Central; Moe’s Fresh Market; Grey Goose, distributed by West Indies Company; Veuve Clicquot and Captain Morgan, distributed by Bellows International; Parts & Power Ltd., distributor of Northern Lights; Pamlico Group; the Charter Yacht Broker Association; Cardow Jewelers; Harbor Shoppers; Viya Business Solutions; and Ashburton Cookery School & Chefs Academy.