Why Join Vipca?


Joining VIPCA is a great way to stay informed within the charter community, and to be part of the marine industry's voice; furthering and boosting your charters each season while developing and supporting the USVI marine industry as a whole. You can join as crew, vessel, vendor or charter broker by clicking the links below.


There are already over 300 members benefitting from our non-profit services, including discounts at local marine vendors, yacht insurance and health insurance. The health insurance program is underwritten by IMG and managed by the insurance experts at Gowrie Group with a choice of two deductibles with worldwide coverage at very low premiums for crews only with crew memberships. All memberships contribute to VIPCA's projects and initiates and members will receive quarterly newsletters about what's new in the VI Marine Charter Industry. VIPCA provides advertising opportunities to the VI marine industry professionals and its charterers, as well as free access to the USVI Charter Yacht Show, and the Marine Expo with vendor exhibit.

Receive discounts with VIPCA's member vendors:

  • Berthing at American Yacht Harbour, Yacht Haven Grande, Crown Bay Marina and Puerto Del Rey.
  • Dry Dock services in Puerto Del Rey (VIPCA membership gives same status as PDR membership)
  • Subject to berthing fuel at Crown Bay, and Yacht Haven Grande
  • Quantum Sails
  • Ocean Surfari retail items / fishing charter
  • Budget Marine chandlery
  • Reefco Refrigeration
  • Tropicomm
  • Offshore Marine chandlery
  • Albano Marine Surveys
  • Parts and Power chandlery
  • Sea Horse Water Taxi
  • Nautical Trips Consulting - documentation services / surveys
VIPCA's ongoing projects (that you could get involved in as a volunteer):


VIPCA Membership