Medical Insurance for Crews… Hull P&I Insurance for members vessels with fleet discount!


VIPCA and Gowrie Group are in the final stages of completing a Crew Medical and Vessel protection and Indemnity programs.

Please stay tuned for further updates and information about each offerings.

  • Fully insured Medical insurance
  • Low group rates
  • VIPCA fleet Hull and protection and indemnity coverage
  • Handled by the #1 independent marine agency

USVI Charter Yacht Show awarded to VIPCA!

VIPCA is pleased to formally announce that VIPCA has been offered the opportunity to organize and run the Charter Yacht Show at Yacht Haven Grande (YHG) in November 2017.

Marine Job Fair

VIPCA meets with UVI to discuss holding a Marine Job Fair 2017 to encourage Virgin Islanders to consider careers locally in the marine industry both ashore in business management or technical services and as Captains and Crew.

VIPCA debates 300% proposed increase in BVI Cruise Permits.

A letter written on 28th April was addressed to Dr, the Hon. D. Orlando Smith was acknowledged and discussions within the Premier have ensued regarding VIPCA’s request for a reduction in the proposed cruise permit, or at least a staging of it.

VIPCA to work with the Department of Tourism to improve Marine Tourism in the USVIs

VIPCA attends a meeting in the Capitol Building to discuss VIPCA working together with the Department of Tourism on the Bill 31-0017, Act No. 7734 of the 31st Legislature of the Virgin Islands, where by “The Commissioner shall develop an integrated plan to make fuller use of the Virgin Islands’ water resources, marine industries, and marine facilities to compete globally in the marine tourism industry and shall promote and advertise on a global scale marine tourism in the Virgin Islands.”

A grant was received by VIPCA from the Department of Tourism and work has begun.

VIPCA and the MVP join forces in maritime training

VIPCA meets with the Marine Vocation Program joining forces with the Boys and Girls Club to encourage Virgin Islands Youth to pursue maritime training. Looking forward to working with Jimmy Loveland and supporting his excellent work!

Regulations: accurate, timely and simple.

VIPCA is working together with the Coastguard to create a simple flow-chart of regulations for vessels and crew operating in the USVIs and BVIs. A meeting this morning implemented the initial steps towards us all receiving timely updates and advice of changes to regulation requirements from the source through VIPCA. No more confusion!

MAG and VIPCA working together to with VI youth.

VIPCA meets with the Marine Action Group to discuss the initiation of a marine job fair providing career guidance in the marine industry to Virgin Islands Youth.

Excise Taxes on Boats, what do they mean?

Many are concerned about the excise taxes on boats featured in Bill 32-0005:
(6) Self-propelled vehicles (excluding motor vehicles requiring licensing for highway use) and apparatuses (excluding airplanes), boats, firearms, ammunition and bicycles —10%
(7) All boats, including launches, with or without auxiliary engines or outboard engines—3%
(8) Marine engines excluding outboard motors —3%
On the 14th Feb I spoke with both Senate Vialet and Senate Blyden.
It was clarified by Senator Vialet that these excise taxes on boats were rescinded in 1994 in order to help the industry with the new 6-pax licence. The excise taxes on boats were written back into the VI Code and have been there, unchanged, since 2004.
VIPCA has proposed the following amendments to Bill 32-0005 :
(6) Self-propelled vehicles (excluding motor vehicles requiring licensing for highway use) and apparatuses (excluding airplanes and boats), firearms, ammunition and bicycles —10%
(7) All boats, including launches, with or without auxiliary engines or outboard engines (excluding commercial use)—3%
(8) Marine engines (excluding outboard motors and commercial use)—3%

VIPCA Protests Sin Tax

Jennifer Augspurger (VIPCA Secretary and S/V Starfish) spoke at the waterfront rally protesting bill 32-0005 with regards to its direct impact on the yacht charter industry.
Adam Reeve testified on behalf of the marine charter industry was the result of VIPCA spending two days in chambers and multiple meetings with Senators. The charter industry is beginning to be listened to and progress being made. VIPCA is still pushing stop this bill 320-0005 in its path.