Cocktail Competition

Yacht Show Rum Cocktail Competition

  • The competing "mixologist" may be any permanent crew member from the yacht
  • Please state role onboard e.g. Captain, Mate, Chef, Deckhand or Stew
  • 1. Choose rum or vodka (Captain Morgan 'Spiced Rum' or Grey Goose Vodka) and get practicing - you will be provided a bottle upon registration the day before the show 2. At your allocated time bring all cocktail ingredients plus equipment (shaker/blender etc) and a glass to the location (TBC) of the competition 3. Create your cocktail in under 5 minutes from scratch (advanced infusions are permitted) 4. Be judged by our island-famous Mixologist Judge 5. Take everything back to your yacht and anticipate the awards ceremony to learn if you won a case of Rum or Vodka!