2023 Directors and Members of Committees and Sub-Committees


Executive Committee

President: Peter Pieschel

Vice President: Jim Jackson

Secretary: Siboney Trevino

Treasurer: Steve Schlosser


Vendor Members Committee

Chair: Chris Cilliers; Members: Jay Pennington, Peter Pieschel, Steve Schlosser

Day Charter Committee

Chair: Leah Randall; Members: Jim Jackson

Term Charter Contract and Industry Standards Committee

Chair: Mike Johnson; Members: Casey Grimes, Siboney Trevino, Steve Schlosser, Jen Augpurger

Charter Yacht Show Committee

Chair: Casey Grimes; Members: Kara Hubert, Siboney Trevino, Mike Johnson

Manufacturer Yacht Show Committee

Chair: Steve Schlosser, Members TBC

Government Committee

Chair: Jim Jackson; Members: Peter Pieschel; Kendra Smith (Non BOD)

Insurance Committee

Chair: Siboney Trevino; Members: Kara Hubert

VI Youth Marine Training Committee

Chair: C.Cilliers, Members B.Berry & Kitty Edwards

Marine Environment and Community / Project Green Flag

Chair: K.Hubert, Members: Kristie Marquart, Brian Christiansen, Kitty Edwards, Anne-Marie Hoffman

Moorings Sub-Committee

Chair: J.Pennington, C.Cilliers, J.Augspurger, K.Hubert (members B.Kubesh, C.Harms, R.Corey, K.Cressman, J.Buckstein, Amy Terry)

Budget and Finance Committee

Chair: Steve Schlosser, Peter Pieschel

Ethics Committee

Chair: Jen Augspurger, Members: Peter Pisechel, Leah Randall, Mike Johnson and Astra Williams