COVID-19 Safety Protocols, 2020


In this climate of the COVID-19 pandemic the organizers of the USVI Charter Yacht Show, the Virgin Island Professional Charter Association (VIPCA), are taking the matter of protecting its show attendees, exhibitors, vendors and staff very seriously. In preparation for the November 12-15th 2020 show VIPCA has developed a revised schedule of events and protocol for a safe, hygienic, productive, and high-quality organized event. The following protocols made by VIPCA will mean that the charter brokers and yacht crew can connect with each other safely and with confidence.

All arrival requirements are subject to applicable and current policies in effect by both Yacht Haven Grande and local government as it relates to travel restrictions and testing requirements. Please check the V.I. Department of Health website and the Department of Tourism website Travelers Portal to register their arrival at least 5 days in advance, for all visitors ages 5 and up


Pre-Show: To the extent you are able, please try to self-quarantine as much as possible for the two weeks prior to the show. If flying, once you begin your travels, you should wipe down all surfaces around your airplane seat (and taxi seat, ferry seat, etc.) with disinfecting wipes, regardless of what the airline, taxi driver or ferry may have indicated they are doing, and wear a mask at all times except when eating or drinking.


  1. COVID-19 Testing: VIPCA has reviewed the cases of COVID-19 in the final week pre-show and the 7 day % positivity average is still below 5% and therefore those participants whose arrival in the territory was more than five days before November 12th do not need to be re-tested for COVID-19Any show participant flying or sailing into St. Thomas directly for the show are required to provide a COVID-19 antigen (molecular/PCR/rapid) test taken and negative result received (both within five days of commencement of travel to the Territory), OR a COVID-19 antibody test taken and positive result received (both within four months of commencement of travel to the Territory). Should any participant fail to be tested within 5-days of their arrival in St. Thomas, then a test should be booked through the Yacht Haven Grande Marina Office (340) 774-9500 and a negative result received prior to arriving in the marina. Between arrival in St. Thomas and receipt of a negative test result, participants are obligated by the Governor’s Executive Order to quarantine away from anyone else. Additionally, all vessels must complete the marina’s questionnaire form prior to arrival to confirm passenger health status and previously visited locations that may be on the Federal and/or local government’s watch-list.
  2. Thermal Screening:  Daily, at the dock gates for entry to the marina a VIPCA staff member shall take the temperature of all participants arriving by thermal scanning their forehead. Participants are asked not to attend if they are feeling unwell and temperatures must be below CDC recommendation of 100.4 F (38.0 C) or participants will be denied admittance. Exhibitors whom remain within the marina shall also have their temperature taken daily onboard their yacht.
  3. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):  Participants including charter brokers, yacht crew and their managers, vendors, marina and VIPCA staff are required to wear a face mask at all times except for when eating or drinking. Further items of PPE such as gloves and eye shields are optional and may be used in line with local government and health authority advice.
  4. Cleaning & Hygiene:  All yachts, event spaces and marina facilities shall follow the Centre of Disease Control, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, the American Cleaning Institution, and the World Health Organization. This includes complete overnight disinfection and continuous sanitation by 60%+ alcohol. Upland event spaces including the business Wi-Fi lounge and restrooms cleaning shall be subcontracted to a 3rd party cleaning service. Yacht crew are requested to use 60%+ alcohol wipe high-touch areas such as handrails, door handles, restrooms, and food and beverage areas hourly throughout the course of the Yacht Show.
  5. Personal hygiene:  Entrances to the marina, event spaces, marina facilities and embarkation gangways on yachts will have hand sanitizing stations. There will be additional hand washing facilities provided onboard yachts (upon the crews consent) with a restroom provided by obliging exhibiting yachts allocated to charter broker use, encouraging all participants to regularly wash and disinfect their hands and to reduce use of public restrooms ashore.
  6. Registration physical distancing:  Yacht Show registration for attendees and yacht crew will be held outdoors under a tented area with three separated registration tables reached by three separated lines, each line to have six foot distances marked for social distancing. Registration documents, such as dock maps, show information, etc. shall be provided in clear plastic sleeves so that they may be easily sanitized with wipes. Yacht Crew registration shall be open November 10th and Charter Yacht Broker Registration shall be open November 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th.
  7. General physical distancing:  Participants are requested to maintain proper distance and to use alternative ways to greet each other and to avoid physical contact such as handshakes and embraces. Digital alternatives to printed materials such as business cards and sales brochures are strongly recommended. Four (4) charter brokers are permitted to be onboard any yacht at any time, in addition to its yacht crew. This includes the “Progressive Dinner” event. Shoes should be left at the gangway, with yacht crew shoes carried inside so that four (4) pairs of shoes as a maximum are ever visible when boarding any yacht. Ashore event spaces and facilities shall have onsite signage and floor markings, and onsite social distance ambassadors.
  8. Food and beverage stations:  Food shall be pre-packaged in compostable take-out containers and served with compostable knives and forks. Packaging of the food containers shall take place in the commercial kitchen of our exclusive caterer Moe’s Fresh Market. If any queuing is anticipated food shall be distributed from multiple stations reached by lines with six foot distance floor markings with the assistance of onsite social distance ambassadors who shall discourage crowds from gathering.
  9. Evening and lunch events:  No events shall occur as a gathering ashore. Instead, there shall be broker lunches and dinners hosted onboard exhibiting yachts with a maximum of four (4) charter per vessel. Evenings shall be as follows:
  10. Crew competitions:  Judges of the Culinary and Cocktail Competitions shall comply with the same COVID-19 Safety Protocols as all other show participants.


Please Note: Show protocols are being adapted as the COVID 19 situation evolves and are in accordance with official government and local authority guidance. All events shall comply with current local ordinances as it relates to COVID-19 measures including any imposed curfews, alcohol restrictions, crowd gathering sizes, etc. If any of the measures can be relaxed or changed the updated protocols will be communicated to participants in a timely manner. You may read the Governor’s 16thSupplemental Executive Order at: