USVI Charter Yacht Show Culinary Competition 2020


Lunch and Dessert on arrival!

Your “health conscious” charter guests are arriving on board your yacht, just before noon. They have had a long journey! Hungry, but interested in some light and healthy dishes - savory and sweet.  They would like also like to experience local tropical food that the Virgin Islands (or Caribbean) has to offer.

Chef, this gives you the opportunity to show off your talents preparing the lunch and a dessert. They love the liqueur Grand Marnier, so please include it in either the lunch main dish or the dessert.

This delicious luncheon may be served in the location of your choice – aft deck, sun deck, dining saloon, or saloon.

Sponsors: Grand Marnier; Ashburton Cookery School and Chefs Academy; Pure Imagination Farms; Fruit Bowl.

Judging: will occur on the yacht at an allotted time on November 12th. When judging is in progress on your yacht there will be a gangway gate provided prohibiting broker viewings for 20 minutes only. The yacht should exhibit during the chef's preparation time and re-open to viewing once the judges have departed.

COVID-19 Safety Protocol: Judges of the Culinary and Cocktail Competitions shall comply with the show's COVID-19 Safety Protocols. Yachts are required to properly sanitize the dining area, handrails, etc. prior to and after judging.