USVI Charter Yacht Show Culinary Competition 2021


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    Competition day Nov 8th 2021. Individual times to be confirmed nearer the time.
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Dear Chefs,


This year’s theme of local ingredients (must use a minimum of 2 locally US Virgin Islands sourced ingredients per entree) is to remind chefs not only of the major topic of sustainability but also of the importance of our imprint on the environment. Contestants can enter in one or more of the following categories: Appetizer, Main, Dessert. Entries are limited so sign up soon to get your choosing.

The Judges:

Chef, former Olympian, author of My Modern Caribbean Kitchen and St. Thomas native Julius Jackson, Chef Ralph Motta of Motta Cuisine on St. Croix, Chef Colin Auchincloss of Island Edge Culinary, and Eron Brown of Sugar Brown Farm.

Judging Criteria: 

Will be based on the following criteria: presentation, uniqueness of ingredients, taste, relevance to theme, creativity, and technique.

Competition rules:
Contestants are required to make two plates of each dish they decide to enter as there will be two judges per plate. Contestants must present their dish and also have a placard of some sort next to their dish posting their name, yacht name and name of dish, AND have a print out (2 copies)-- with their name, yacht name, name of the dish and the recipe— for the judges to clearly see the ingredients and where they are sourced from. Contestants need not write the method of preparation but a full list of their ingredients is required.

Failure to follow these instructions will result in docking of points.
Contestants should plan on having their dishes ready on November 8, 2021. Each contestant will be allotted a time slot and be contacted via phone and email once registration closes (please give a few days time for everything to get coordinated). Day of the competition, text will be used as a form of communication for quick easy access.

There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awarded in each category. Someof the prizes this year are Ashburton Cookery School Vouchers, KLR gift certificates, and local knife sharpenings to name a few.


Chefs please register before October 31st for the competition at the VIPCA website:

Further Information:

Chefs are encouraged to join the facebook group: -- joining the facebook group will not suffice as an entry.

Last but not least:

Chef Maya of Cooking with Habibi is dropping a video on her YouTube channel in the next few weeks to give chefs tips and tricks for working in small spaces. From easy gourmet recipes, to how to provision efficiently…and some guest appearances, this video is sure to be a helpful resource. Follow on instagram and youtube to stay up to date.

Few words of encouragement:

Hey chefs! Julius Jackson here! As most of you know I’m a regular to the competition, and I’m super excited to try your food once again, but also being a regular judge I’m also looking for more creative and tasty ideas on the plates! So get them creative juices flowing and WOW the socks off of me and my fellow judges!! Excited to see how you all use the local ingredients with your own versatile palates! Let’s do it chefs!!!”

Warm Regards,


Maya Wierzbicki

Cooking with Habibi