Clearing into the US Virgin Islands


Vessels entering the US Virgin Islands need to proceed directly to a port of entry for clearance pursuant to 19 CFR 4.2 see 19 U.S.C. 1433). An application to lawfully enter the United States must be made in person to a CBP officer at a U.S. port-of-entry when the port is open for inspection pursuant to 8 CFR 235.1.

Passengers and crew are not allowed to go ashore until properly cleared. All passengers must present themselves and their documents to US CBP including the following:

  1. Documentation of nationality for each passenger / crew member
  2. Ship's documents
  3. Vessel Entrance or Clearance Statement (CBP Form 1300)
  4. Passenger and Crew List (CBP Form I-418)
  5. Clearance from the last port of call


Clearance Ports in the Virgin Islands:


  • Edward Wilmoth Blyden Marine Terminal, St. Thomas 877.305.8774 8am - 5pm Seven Days a Week


  • Cruz Bay CBP Terminal, St. John 877.305.8775 10 - 5pm Seven Days a Week


  • Red Hook Ferry Terminal, St. Thomas 8 - 5pm by foot only (excluding lunch 12 - 1pm) berth at American Yacht Harbour or anchor in Vessup Bay and utilise the AYH dingy dock


  • Gallows Bay, St. Croix 340.773.1011 8 - 5pm Mon - Fri, after hours 340.773.1490

Tourist Visas

See the list of nationals who do and do not require visas prior to arrival to enter the USVI and BVI. The fee is $160.00 for the online non-immigrant visa form, DS-160, with a 2-3 day processing time.




Any persons requiring a visa to enter the US must arrive in the US on a recognized carrier, i.e. Ferry or Commercial Airline. Charter boats are not recognized carriers. If you picked guests up in non-US waters and they require a visa to enter the US but have not travelled through the US prior to arrival on your yacht, the guests must enter the US by ferry or plane.