Yacht Show Survey

  • While we ask for your name these results shall remain anonymous. You do not need to answer every question, only the first two please, thank you!
    NOTE: The 2019 show organised yachts by size and logistics, whereas in 2018 they were organised by clearing house. Your answer refers to this year's layout and shall assist in the decision as to how the yachts are arranged in the marina in 2020.
    This would include the WIFI business lounge for brokers, the expo layout of tables for vendors.
    Were there sufficient numbers of golf buggies for both crew & brokers?
    This evening event contained information about VIPCA as its annual meeting, 2019's work and important show information and updates.
    This evening event contained the "state of the industry address" and marine vendors exhibiting to the yacht crew. Was it constructive from your standpoint?
    Kontiki hosted the sunset sail
    VIPCA is going to shake-up the evening events for 2020 with no decisions as to how yet made... it has been suggested that Broker's would like a "welcome party" to meet the crew pre-show.
    Yachts would still close for viewing at 5pm daily.
  • Please add comment if you wish to do so, geared towards any recommendations for next year
  • e.g. The addition of a place to "check" your bags for evening events like a coat check system