Hurricane Curfew Passes

Hurricane Curfew Pass applications can be downloaded here.

Curfew Passes permit business owners to go on the road to reach your vessel and assist others after a storm.

For those who will require a curfew pass for the upcoming hurricane season can get the application from the VITEMA main website curfew-pass-application-2021.  Please ensure that you read all what is required and what you are responsible for. I am told all applications must be received by VITEMA no later than June 1st. When submitting pictures please ensure the each picture is labeled with the individuals name.
Should you have any questions on passes you can call VITEMA at 340-774-2244 on STT and 340-773-2244 on STX


Completed curfew-pass-application-2021 along with your current business license and clear digital head photos of employees must be emailed to for review and approval.


Curfew Pass Frequently Asked Questions

Who is authorized to issue Curfew Passes and /or passage within the USVI and who enforces a curfew?

The Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency (VITEMA) is authorized to issue curfew passes. The Virgin Islands Police Department is authorized to deny any individual, including those holding curfew passes, access to certain areas for safety and security reasons, and is also authorized to confiscate curfew passes when necessary.

What is a Curfew Pass and who issues it?

A curfew pass gives permission to the bearer only to access impacted areas and does not permit passage for passengers, family members and co-workers.

A Virgin Islands Government issued Curfew Pass is a VITEMA issued Photo ID, a company, organization, or agency issued Photo ID with a VITEMA issued sticker affixed, a VITEMA issued letter listing the individuals granted access to the impacted curfew-imposed area. In some cases, curfew passage will be granted by presentation of agency or company issued ID validating a list was already submitted to and approved by the VITEMA Emergency Operations Center Supervisor.

Who may apply for a VITEMA Curfew Pass?

Businesses that provide First Responder Services, Contractors for the VI Government, or a business/organization which is considered essential when a curfew is imposed.

Curfew Pass Recipient responsibilities

Employers are responsible for the appropriate use of curfew passes issued by VITEMA. Curfew passes are to be used only when a curfew has been imposed and can only be used for work associated with the business to which it has been granted. Employers are also required to immediately return to VITEMA, passes for employees who resign, retire, or are terminated. Employers found to be issuing credentials to non-employees or non-essential employees will be subject to suspension of curfew pass privileges.

How Can My Organization or Business Apply for VITEMA Curfew Passes?

1. Curfew Pass Application can be found on the VITEMA website ( under the Key Documents and Reports link (far left down to the bottom).

2. Once that link is open, go to the bottom of the page under Special Forms and you will see the

Curfew Pass Application.

How Long does it take to receive my Curfew Pass(es)?

Curfew Passes will be issued within fourteen (14) business days, once a “complete Curfew Pass Application” is received.

How Long is a VITEMA Curfew Pass Good For?

VITEMA issued curfew passes are good for a period of two (2) Hurricane Seasons from year/date of issue. Curfew passes are good for a two (2) year cycle.

What should I do if my curfew pass is lost?

Have your employer submit a letter to VITEMA indicating your pass was lost accompanied by a new curfew pass application to receive a replacement pass.

Where can I obtain a letter of good standing?

A letter of good standing is issued by the Lieutenant Governor’s office.

VITEMA Curfew Pass Quantity Issuance Guidelines

1. Organizations with up to ten (10) or less employees and “WITH OUT” company issued IDs.

Will be issued VITEMA Photo ID Curfew Passes.

2. Organizations with up to sixty-four (64) employees and “WITH” company issued IDs.

Will be issued issued stickers. These stickers must be affixed to a readily visible area on the front of the company issued ID.

3. Organizations with eleven (11) to sixty-five (65) employees and “WITHOUT” company issued IDs.

Will be provided a letter on VITEMA’s letterhead listing the names of the employees granted pass during an imposed curfew. A copy of this letter must be carried by each person, indicated on the letter, requiring access into the area with the imposed curfew.

4. Organizations with sixty-five (65) or more employees “WITH or WITHOUT” company IDs

These organizations must provide VITEMA with a listing, of all employees requesting curfew pass on their company’s letterhead. This list will be maintained at the EOC and utilized to verify curfew pass allowance.


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