We are not having any onshore events this year. Instead, we are offering all attending charter brokers the opportunity to eat all meals, even those provided as takeout by Moe's Fresh Market, on board the yachts in groups of no more than four brokers and arranged by prior invitation by the yacht’s Clearinghouse.
Please coordinate directly with the Clearinghouses for their allocation of charter to exhibiting yachts for the various lunches as well as dinners. You may also find the list of physically attending charter brokers at this link
Broker-lunch/dinner catered by the yacht’s chef to be hosted onboard:
  • 12:00 PM Thurs 12th (Lunch)
  • 12:00 PM Sat 14th (Lunch
  • 11:00 AM Sun 15th (Brunch)
  • 6:00 PM Fri 13th (Dinner)*
*Please note: THE PROGRESSIVE DINNER HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Owing to COVID-19 safety, a private dinner onboard hosted yachts with no exchanges of brokers between boats is being offered instead.Yachts are to invite up to four brokers for dinner.
Thursday 12th and Saturday 14th evening events shall be catered by Moe's Fresh Market, also to be eaten onboard yachts where brokers can watch the virtual evening events "online" on the yacht's TV screen. Collection of those take-out meals will be socially distanced with crowds discouraged. Crew only Moe's takeout are available on the pre-show night Wednesday 11th also.
  1. Nov 11th 7.30pm Online Welcome for Crew Only - Yacht Show Updates
  2. Nov 12th 7.30pm VIPCA Industry Updates with Pertinent USVI Chartering Information
  3. Nov 14th 7.30pm VIPCA Awards Ceremony
All dining is encouraged to be “on-deck” in the fresh air.
All Sponsored beverages will be distributed to the yachts on Nov 10th / Nov 11th, and are to be served by the yachts. With no events this year, the show’s central bar has transitioned from ashore to onboard.
Please complete the Moe's Fresh Market Dining takeout order form for all show lunches and dinners by deadline of November 1st. This is one of the sheets in the Google doc spreadsheet for your completion online: