List of Active VIPCA Vessel Members

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1StarfishCharter Yacht Solutions46.4
2Deep BlueCharter Yacht Solutions46
3Yes DearCharter Yacht Solutions58
4NeverlandCharter Yacht Solutions50
5Sta AnaCharter Yacht Solutions58
6PegasusCharter House51
7Stop Work OrderCharter Caribe52
8White HouseCharter Caribe50
11Free IngweRegency45
12DreamsongCharter Yacht Solutions60
13PlaytimeCharter Caribe56
14Great AdventureCharter Caribe45
15EuphoriaCharter Yacht Solutions60
16One LoveDay Charter46
17Feel the MagicCharter Yacht Solutions50
18Sweet PeaDay Charter40
20SuncatcherDay Charter45
21FidelityDay Charter46.5
22Altitude AdjustmentSelect Yachts44
23The AnnexCharter Yacht Solutions58
24Cool BreezeCharter Caribe65
25Shangri LaCharter Yacht Solutions52
26Suite LifeCharter Yacht Solutions92
27Sea ChateauCharterport50
28HypnauticCharter Yacht Solutions44.7
29Ocean StarCharterport62
30More Amorepending62
31GenesisCharter Yacht Solutions52
33Paradigm ShiftVine Yacht Charters50
34Salty GirlCharter Yacht Solutions37
35Grande DameNavigare Yachting AB56
36Lady DeeCharter Yacht Solutions40
37Island Hoppin'Charter Caribe52
39Steppin UpVine Yacht Charters43
40CatatonicCharter Yacht Solutions50
41PaititiCharter Yacht Solutions52
42Turquoise TurtleCharter Yacht Solutions50
43Finest KindDay Charter34
44Elusive PrincessDay Charter44.2
45Tabula RasaCharter Caribe57
46Floatation TherapyCharter Caribe45
47Silver GirlCharter Caribe60
48FireflyCharter Yacht Solutions46
49AntillianCharter Yacht Solutions50
50Le ReveCharterport62
51MoJoCharter Yacht Solutions48
52VentanaVine Yacht Charters52
54PoseidonDay Charter37
56SonomaDay Charter41
57My Cherie AmourCharter Yacht Solutions48'
58August MaverickCharter Yacht Solutions92
59ViramarCharter Yacht Solutions56
60Guiding LightDay Charter41
61PhoenixDay Charter35
62Blue GryphonWorld Wide Boat83'
63Azulia IICharterport56
64Local LegendDay Charter8
65Go Big Oar Go HomeCharter Yacht Solutions45.8
66Blue PepperCharter Yacht Solutions60
68Knot StandardVine Yacht Charters46
69Xenia 74Regency74'6
70Three SistersCharter House41
71KailaniCharter House44
72Au SoleilCharter House45
73Winter's ComingCharter House50'
74Island R&RCharter House46
75Black TortugaCharter House47
76Oui CherieCharter Caribe52
78Knot AnchoredCharter House46
79Stand By OneCharter House
80SerenityCharter House67
81ZunzunDay Charter39
82Lady Sharon GaleSelect Yachts111
83Twilight RodeoVine Yacht Charters50
84Good VibrationsCharter Yacht Solutions62
85LunaDream Yacht Charters45
86MeowDay Charter42,6
87Sonic ChartersDay Charter32
88Stormy PiratesDay Charter32
89Heavenly DaysDay Charter53
90Magic MomentsDay Charter45
91Over The LineDay Charter35
92VI Flyer, Just Chute MeDay Charter35'
93Coleraine/VIP YachtsBareboat58
94Our FreedomDay Charter26ft



List of Active VIPCA Charter Broker Members

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1Ulla GotfredsenAmazing Charters
2Kerry HuculH2O Trips
3Mandy WalkerWLMS Charters
4Ellen StewartStewart Yacht Charters
5Liza ShallerSolstice Yacht Charters
6Wiley SharpDenison Yacht Sales
7Margo RoseSlip Aweigh Charters
8Jessica Perraton-JonesThe Charter Yacht Company
9Adrienne ThomasonYachting Retreats
10Nancy Van WinterEnvy Yacht Charters
11Steve McCreaEd Hamilton
12Lynne CampbellCarefree Yacht Charters
13Judy AshleyCharter Specialists
14Trish CronanOcean Getaways
15Sharon BahmerLuxury Charter Group
16Deb Crowe SchlosserIsland Life Charters
17Chris PatrickCKIM Group Inc
18Eva StoutMarmont Yachting
19Mike JohnsonExclusive Charter Service
20Carolyn SweetPier One Yacht Charters
21Dave HollisVacation Planning Center
22Kat GunnInterpac Yachts
23Susan RestauriWaypoints
25Sue RussellCaribbean Soul Charters
27Michelle Heyns
26Melissa SpeightSojourn Sailing
28Els KraakmanBVI Crewed Yacht Charters
30Steve MayesBecoming a brokjer - not as yet
31Leo LynneCaribbean Charter Yachts
32Carolyn AshbyCarolyn Ashby
33Hope SwiftSwift Yacht Charters
34Kevin JonasMainsail Yacht Charters
35John LaneSailing Directions
36Chris and Joan ClarkAquaventures Yacht Charters
38Andrew BuysBarrington-Hall Corporation



List of Active VIPCA Vendor Members

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1National Marine
2Sea Horse VI
3Parts and Power
4Budget Marine
6Dept. of Tourism
7IGY Marinas
8Gowrie Group
9Denison Yacht Sales
10Offshore Marine
11Moe’s Fresh Market
13Captain Morgans
14Harbor Shoppers
15Cardow Jewlers
17Le Royale
19Nautical Trips and Consulting LLC
20Above and Below Marine Services
21Quantum Sails
27Sunrise Natural Services, LLC DBA Sunrise Provisions
28Yacht Haven Grande Marina
29Erris Taxi
30Island Fire Safety Pro
31Crown Bay Marina
32Puerto Del Rey Marina and Dry Dock


VIPCA additionally has 130+ active independent Crew Members currently benefitting from access to Health Insurance with IMG through our partnership with Gowrie Group