Project Green Flag

VI Marine Stewardship

The #MarineStewardship campaign targets anchoring and fishing behaviors that are currently impacting Virgin Islands reefs. The links and presentation below outline local resources, best practices, and systems of accountability to protect the resources that support the VI charter boat industry.

See VI reef damage in this short video

All imagery credited to Captain Brian Christensen

The DPNR Hotline App allows you to submit an anonymous tip when you see activity affecting our natural resources. Download the app today.

The Green Flag Pledge

The Green Flag Pledge program asks crews to commit to specific stewardship practices, and in turn awards them PGF's signature green burgee to display on their vessel. We ask for $15 to cover the cost of the burgee, payable when you receive it.


The Eyes on the Reef program encourages crews to help monitor the invasive lionfish population and the devastating effects of Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease in the Virgin Islands.


Collect Data

Submit data about SCTLD and lionfish sightings to the Caribbean Oceanic Restoration and Education Foundation (C.O.R.E.)

Help collect information on local fish populations


Collaboration is key! Join the discussion on our Facebook page.

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About Project Green Flag

Project Green Flag encourages environmental stewardship within the Virgin Islands professional charter industry. This initiative, which started as an idea between crew, coordinates other crew for the purpose of protecting the Caribbean ecosystems that our industry and community rely upon.

What are Project Green Flag's goals?

  • Be Careful. Promote environmentally responsible
    boating practices among charter crews.
  • Be Active. Coordinate crew participation in activities that
    benefit the local marine environment.
  • Be Informed. Communicate news and advice that informs our environmental efforts.

Project Green Flag finds a natural partnership with VIPCA, whose leadership recognizes that a commitment to social and environmental responsibility benefits both community and industry.

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