Online Concierge Services for Provisioning


  • Island Direct: for food delivery and pick up of take-outs from local restaurants.
  • Moe's is expanding its online resort provisioning services: Under 'My Resort', vessels in the East End of St. Thomas can click on the Ritz-Carlton button to be supplied by Moe's Red Hook store and those in Charlotte Amalie harbor to click on the Marriott button and be supplied from the Moe's Waterfront store.
  • Cost-U-Less: There is an online version, but it seems limited. Email Keisha at (I know that email seems weird ... but that is correct.). If your order exceeds $500, they will deliver for free.
  • PriceSmart: You can email your list to: Lourdes Carrasquillo at Free delivery is not offered and you may need to have a Business account with them.
  • Fruit Bowl: Email provisioning list to They will deliver to Charlotte Amalie for free, but not to Red Hook.