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Reef Safe Sunscreen Law
We have learned, although there are many stressors affecting coral reefs, continual exposure to toxic chemical sunscreens weakens their ability to withstand greater threats such as warming ocean temperatures, sediment runoff, over-fishing, etc.
VIPCA's Executive Director attended a meeting with DLCA, the Virgin Islands National Park, UVI, DPNR and Island Green Living which raised the concern that Government actions are still pending to prevent the sale and use of sunscreens with the three “toxic Os”—oxybenzone, octocrylene, and octinoxate—which are banned in the territory yet often still used by visitors who have no idea about the legislation.
VIPCA implores members please to reach charter guests before they arrive in St. Thomas, and before they have purchased the sunscreen they plan to use. Inform charter guests of the environmental benefits of reef safe sunscreen but also appeal to the human health concerns of using chemical sunscreens and let them know that non reef-safe sunscreens are illegal in the U.S. Virgin Islands.