Take a tour of the Virgin Islands Cruising Grounds

All survey photography taken between March and November 2018. Some photos were taken during the dry season - these are again green following seasonal rains.

Photo credits to Phil Blake (Yacht Haven Grande), Steve McCauley (Charter Caribe) and Leigh-Ann Blankenhorn (Charter Caribe).
Country.IslandNamePositionMarine FacilityF&BUtiliiesSCUBA
USVISt. ThomasMermaid's Chair18°21'10"N 65°02'26"WReef
USVISt. ThomasBrewer's Bay18°20'35"N 64°58'37"WReef
USVISt. ThomasFlat Cay18°19'02"N 64°59'19"WReef
USVIWater IslandHoneymoon Beach18°19'00"N 64°57'23"WHoneymoon Grill, Dinghy's Beach Bar & GrillSnorkel
USVISt. ThomasCrown Bay18°20'03"N 64°57'09"WCrown Bay MarinaTickles Dockside Pub, Scoops and Brewwater, power, electric, waste, ice, fuel, groceryDive Shop
USVISt. ThomasYacht Haven Grande18°20'10"N 64°55'14"WYacht Haven Grande MarinaGrande Cru, Fresh Bistro, Fat Turtle, Box Bar, Urban Eats, Lillica,water, power, electric, waste, ice, fuel, grocery, chandleryDive Shop
USVISt. ThomasFrenchman Bay18°18'53"N 64°54'27."WAbi Beach BarMoorings goodSnorkel
USVISt. ThomasBenner Bay18°19'08"N 64°51'55"WCompass Point MarinaThe Dive Bar, Budha Sushiwater, power, electric, waste, ice, fuel, chandleryReef
USVISt. ThomasBuck Island18°16'36"N 64°53'34"WSnorkel
USVISt. ThomasNazareth Bay18°19'04"N 64°51'07"WSunset Grille & Zunzun Floating Massage SpaSnorkel
USVIGreat St. James IslandChristmas Cove18°18'27"N 64°49'54"WPizza Pi (floating pizza takeaway)Reef
USVISt. ThomasVessup Bay18°19'31"N 64°51'05"WAmerican Yacht HarbourFish Tails, Lates in Paradise, Tap and Still, Bernies, Caribbean Saloon, Pesce, Melt, XO Café, Lattes, Thaliwater, power, electric, waste, ice, fuel, grocery, chandleryDive Shop
USVISt. ThomasSmith Bay (Lindquist Beach)18°20'18"N 64°51'22"WshowerSnorkel
USVISt. ThomasMagens Bay18°21'42"N 64°55'25"WMagens Bay Beach BarshowerReef
USVISt. ThomasHull Bay18°22'10"N 64°57'05"WHull Bay HideawayReef
USVISt. JohnCruz Bay18°20'03"N 64°47'42"WWide range of bars and restaurantsCustoms facilityDive Shop
USVISt. JohnCaneel Bay, Honeymoon Beach18°20'28"N 64°47'25"WHoney Moon Beach BarMoorings good
USVISt. JohnSalomon Bay18°20'22"N 64°47'32"WMoorings goodSnorkel
USVISt. JohnHawksnest Bay18°20'55"N 64°46'48"WMoorings goodSnorkel
USVISt. JohnTrunk Bay18°21'08"N 64°46'14"WMoorings goodSnorkel
USVISt. JohnMaho Bay18°21'34"N 64°44'53"WMoorings good
USVISt. JohnWaterlemon Bay18°21'57"N 64°43'28"WMoorings good
USVISt. JohnCoral Bay18°20'48"N 64°42'46"WSkinny Legs, Coral Bay Caribbean Oasis, Indigo Grill and many moreice, taxi
BVITortolaWest End, Sopers Hole18°23'11"N 64°42'05"WCustoms facility, waste, ice, taxis
BVITortolaNanny Cay18°23'52"N 64°38'12"WNanny Cay Marina + Boat Yardwater, power, electric, waste, ice, fuel, grocery, chandleryDive Shop
BVITortolaRoad Town18°25'22"N 64°36'42"WVillage Cay MarinaProvisions and yacht services, restaurantsCustoms facility, waste, ice, taxis
BVITortolaHodges Creek18°25'27"N 64°34'07"WHodges Creek MarinaHodges Creek Restaurant and Hotel, Grocery and more restaurants by dinghy or taxi.No public slips. No fuel. Power, water and ice for Dream yacht Charters only.Dive Shop - not tank fills
BVITortolaTrelis Bay18°26'48"N 64°32'08"WTrellis Bay Market is open on Fri, Sat, and SundayDeep Blue (Kevin and G) (284)541-1397 delivery service available for ice and trash
BVITortolaCane Garden18°25'34"N 64°39'26"WMyett’s Cane Garden Bay Restaurant , Bobbys Supermarket, Rhymer's Beach Bar and RestaurantGrocery, Ice, Moorings good (No fuel No Ice)
BVINorman IslandThe Indians18°19'53"N 64°37'43"WMoorings goodReef
BVINorman Island The Bight18°19'04"N 64°36'58"WThe ClubMoorings goodReef
BVINorman IslandThe Caves18°18'48"N 64°37'26"WMoorings goodSnorkel
BVIPeter IslandGreat Harbour18°21'21"N 64°34'56"WWillie T'sMoorings good
BVIPeter IslandDeadmens Bay18°21'21"N 64°34'13"WPeter Island Yacht Club and Resort are ClosedMoorings good
BVISalt IslandMRS Rhone18°21'46"N 64°31'28"WMoorings goodWreck - Good
BVICooper IslandManchineel Bay18°23'08"N 64°30'46"WCooper Island Beach Club, Deliverance for provisions/ice/trash: 284-340-8075Moorings good,
BVIVirgin GordaThe Baths18°25'49"N 64°26'40"WPoor Mans Bar, Tap of the BathsMoorings goodSnorkel
BVIVirgin GordaSpanish Town18°26'59"N 64°26'15"WVirgin Gorda Yacht HarourCoco MayaCustoms facility, waste, ice, fuelDive Shop
BVIVirgin GordaKodiac Queen Dive Site18°29'50"N 64°24'55"WWreck - Good
BVIVirgin GordaLeverick Bay18°29'54"N 64°23'11"WLeverick MarinaJumbies Beach Bar, Spa, watersports hirewater, power, electric, waste, ice, fuel, grocery,
BVIVirgin GordaNorth Sound18°29'53"N 64°21'45"WBitter End and Saba Rock are closedTaxis: Sweet Ice Willy (284)544-8073; Nats (284)495-5297 or Ch16
BVIScrub islandScrub island18°27'57"N 64°31'26"WScrub Island Resort, Spa & MarinaScrub Island Resort, Spa & Restaurantwater, power, electric, waste, ice, grocery, chandleryDive Shop
BVIAnegadaAnegada Reef18°43'27"N 64°22'57"WLoblolly, Anegda Reef Hotel, Anegada Beach Club, Wonkey Dog, Potters by the Sea, Cow Wreck, Lobster Trap,  Neptunes, Whispering Pinestaxis, hire vehicle,Snorkel, Watersports
BVIJost Van DykeSandy Cay18°26'59"N 64°42'34"WSandy Spit also goodMoorings good
BVIJost Van DykeDiamond Cay18°26'58"N 64°43'35"WB-Line Beach Bar, Bubbling pool hike good
BVIJost Van DykeGreat Harbour18°26'41"N 64°45'02"WFoxy's Bar, Corsairs Restaurant, North Lattitude:fuel, water & provisionsCustoms facilitySnorkel
BVIJost Van DykeWhite Bay18°26'35"N 64°45'50"WSoggy Dollar Bar, Hendo's Hideout, Jewels, Gertrude's, Seddy's One Love,  Coco Loco,  Ivan'sSnorkel


Additional info updated 12/15/18 by Terry and Ruth Ross, owners of The Big Dog, a 62′ catamaran that charters in the BVI, helped compile the following report on the current state of the marinas in the BVI.​ ​For more information and to book a charter contact The Big Dog.


Cane Carden Bay Dock

Hodges Creek Marina

  • Slips for The Catamaran Company and Dream Yacht Charters only. No public slips.
  • No fuel. Power, water and ice for these companies only.
  • Grocery store in East End, by dinghy or taxi. There are also some restaurants open nearby by taxi.

JY Harbor View Marina 

Kenneth Chalwell Marina 

Manuel Reef Marina

  • ​Slips available.
  • No fuel and no ice. Water is available. Laundry is open.
  • Grocery store is open. Gene’s Bar & Grill is open.

Marina Cay

​Nanny Cay Marina

  • 60 slips currently available, 100 more within the next year.
  • Fuel, water, and ice are available. Laundry is open.
  • Grocery store, dive shop, Captain Mulligan’s Sports Bar , Peg Leg’s Landing and Genaker Cafe are open.

Penns Landing Marina

  • Mooring balls available – includes free wifi and showers.
  • No fuel. Water is available on t-head and ice is available on request.
  • Grocery store in East End, by dinghy or taxi or short walk. Red Rock Restaurant & Bar is open. There are also some other restaurants open nearby by taxi.

Scrub Island Marina

  • Slips available.
  • No fuel. Water and ice are available.
  • Grocery store and dive shop are open. Donovan’s Reef Restaurant , the Gourmet Market & Deli and pool swim up bar are open.

Sopers Hole Marina – Admiral BVI

Sopers Hole Marina – Voyage Yacht Charters

Village Cay Marina

  • No berths available currently.
  • Fuel, water and ice are available.
  • Grocery stores within walking distance. Village Cay Bar & Restaurant and The Pub are open. There are also some other restaurants open nearby within walking distance.

Virgin Gorda

Leverick Bay Marina

Oil Nut Bay Marina

  • ​Fuel is available (for tenders only). Water and ice are available (for boats docking overnight or for the day to visit the Beach Club).
  • Oil Nut Bay Beach Club Restaurant is open.

Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor Marina

  • Slips available.
  • Fuel, water, and ice are available.
  • Grocery stores and restaurants open in Spanish Town (a short walk) including The Bath & Turtle Restaurant. There are also some other restaurants open nearby by dinghy or taxi.

​YCCS Marina

  • Fuel is available. No water or ice.

​Jost Van Dyke

​North Latitude Marina, Great Harbor

  • Mooring balls available.
  • Fuel, water and ice are available.
  • No Grocery. Foxy’s Tamarind Bar is open. There are also some other restaurants open nearby by dinghy or taxi.

​Little Harbour Marina

  • Mooring balls available.
  • Fuel, water and ice are available.
  • No grocery. Abe’s By The Sea restaurant is open.