November 7-10th 2021 

Spring Yacht Show to be hosted May 2022


First Time Vessel Exhibitor

A VIPCA Vessel membership is required in order to validate any vessel exhibitor's yacht show registration.

→ VIPCA Member Yachts Registering to Exhibit

If you are an existing VIPCA vessel member with a rolling subscription you may proceed directly to the Yacht Show Registration payment link below.

$400 Registration fee for all exhibiting vessels with an active VIPCA Vessel Membership if prior to August 1st 2021 for the "early-bird" discount. Thereafter $500 for registrations made.

Yacht Show Registration

    Were you to be unable to attend a physical show in St. Thomas owing to COVID-19, and instead wish to either exhibit virtually, or participate as a charter broker virtually, instructions will be provided upon receipt of your virtual registration. In the event that the yacht show needs to be converted from a physical event to a virtual show entirely, all registrations will automatically be converted to virtual and you shall be updated in a timely manner with instructions as to how to participate.
  • e.g. Privilege 61.5, 2006
  • begin with http://
  • Please note, this should include one charter broker only / all crew accompanying the vessel / all vendors accompanying the marine business / one guest name only per registration
  • To register you must click on the blue "SUBMIT" button upon completion of this registration form.
    Please email a copy of your vaccination card to accounting@vipca.org by October 21st.

An active VIPCA Vessel Membership is required for a vessel's Yacht Show registration to be valid. Join now if you haven't already. Alternative to PayPal, you can mail a check made out to “VIPCA” to VIPCA, Building R, 5304 Yacht Haven Grande, Suite 105, St. Thomas, VI 00802 or email info@VIPCA.org to request to ACH.

USVI Charter Yacht Show Vessel Registration Fee
Yacht Name:


  • Best Crew in Show - 2021
  • Best Yacht in Show - 66ft & Over - 2021
  • Best Yacht in Show - 56ft - 65ft - 2021
  • Best Yacht in Show - Up to 55ft - 2021
  • Broker of the Year - 2021
  1. Presentation & engagement of the CREW
  2. Presentation of the YACHT overall
  3. Presentation of SERVICE… such as typical dining set up, cabins, sample menus, food photos, do I understand the service level on charter? Do I understand what this yacht offers on charter?
  4. Marketability of ACTIVITIES…s uch as water sports items and activity options
  5. Marketability of yacht… do I understand how best and who I should market this yacht to?
  6. Eco-conciousness… such as reef safe sunscreen, no single-use plastic, green toiletries and cleaners, watermaker…