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This yacht insurance is available to yacht owners with an active VIPCA Vessel membership.

"I have been exceptionally pleased with my medical and yacht insurance with Gowrie Group.  They have always been friendly and quick to respond. Thank you coming into this Market! We needed you in the Virgin Islands!" - Staci Kosick

Gowrie Group is proud to offer comprehensive yacht insurance for active, VIPCA members. Gowrie Group is the largest independent marine insurance company in the US and has deep expertise in insuring charter yachts and marine risks in the Caribbean. Working with specialty insurers of yachts worldwide, Gowrie can provide VIPCA members with comprehensive coverage for pleasure and charter yachts, including both motor and sail. This yacht insurance offers both admitted policies and surplus lines, with an A (Excellent) rating, or better, by A.M Best.


VIPCA Yacht Insurance Highlights:

 • Comprehensive marine insurance protection 

• Coverage in United States and Caribbean 

• Worldwide coverage including trans-ocean crossings 

• Discounts available for date restricted navigation 

• Jones Act coverage 

• Options available for Day Charter boats valued above $100,000 


• Pollution liability coverage 

• Personal property coverage 

• Large network of claims surveyors 

• Ability to choose any liability limits 

• Claims handled in United States 

• Dedicated 24/7 claims line


 Gowrie’s programs are only available to yacht owners with an active VIPCA membership. 

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